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Best Franchises to Own


Today, there are hundreds of franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start a business. So how do you choose the best franchises to own? Determining the best job opportunity for yourself is the starting point for all business decisions. Keep in mind that finding the most profitable franchise requires mastery and attention.

It is also important that you review the detailed financial information of the franchisees. Evaluating the franchise performance of companies from previous years gives you a perspective on the company. Decide if the job looks professional. It is important that you know what keeps the work flowing and how to grow it. It is wise to ask the following questions: Has the parent company guaranteed good areas? Does the parent company’s franchises make a profit?

Are there any plans for business growth? What’s their vision? How good are the start and training programs? Don’t be afraid to ask questions for the best franchises to own. The more questions you ask, the more information you have. All franchisees with a high-quality system will be pleased and respected to answer these questions.

There is good news for you if you want to start your entrepreneurial journey with a business place of your own, and are currently looking for the best franchises for sale. We are going to guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable franchise opportunity that is completely in sync with your long term career goals and objectives. Whether you want franchise opportunities in NJ, Texas, Florida, Illinois or NY, our list of best franchises to own will help you to select the right one as per your needs and career objectives. 

Once you have identified the franchise that meets all your criteria, you should explore the financial issues more deeply.

We will also be giving a brief summary about these best franchises where you should invest your money for confirmed highest returns. In this list that we have compiled, you will get both high priced franchises as well as cheap franchises so that readers with all types of financial backgrounds can benefit from this.

What are the Best Franchises to Own?

Here is the list of best new franchises that you need to invest into in the year 2020. All of the franchises in this list has a very wide loyal customer base and has very high brand recognition all across the United States. Let’s look at them one by one and analyze which are the best franchises to own in 2020.


Thanks to Puff City, franchise companies will have access to ready-made marketing products. In addition, you can benefit from the professional marketing strategies of the company with a wide range of franchises. If you want to buy Puff City franchise, you can take advantage of many services of the company selling tobacco, cigar, vapor and you can get your own franchise.

You can join the Puff City franchise network, which plans to open thousands of franchises all over the world.


The company, which is usually business-oriented, does not give shares to the companies but gives them to the person himself. The most important rule is that the franchisee should not have any other business responsibility. Mc Donald’s, which is opposed to remote business, licenses the employer, stating that the operator must always be in charge of the business.

As an investment cost, the company claims figures ranging from USD 400,000 to USD 500,000 + VAT. The company, which wants USD 30,000 + VAT as the starting fee, also asks to be paid an ad share fee over monthly net sales.


The license period given to the operator by the company, which has more than 13,000 restaurants in 75 countries, is 20 years. The company first evaluates the restaurant to be franchised in terms of location and density of people. The company, which claims USD 500,000 + VAT as the investment price, receives a share of about 13% over the turnover earned each month.


One of the leaders in today’s technology industry, Samsung’s franchise fee is unclear. While the company covers a portion of the decoration fee, all the remaining costs are entirely the responsibility of the franchise itself. Samsung decides which product will be available for sale, decoration and investment.

  • ZARA

Zara, which is one of the most preferred brands for men’s and women’s wear, has more than 850 stores in more than 60 countries in the world. The first condition of receiving a franchise is the size of the store. A figure of approximately 80,000 USD is required for the interior decoration, equipment, and furniture of the store. Also, the company is obliged to pay royalties and the fee is 50,000 USD. The company demands approximately 0,3% of the turnover obtained each month for advertising and promotion.


Pizza Hut, which was last on our list of Best franchises to own and is within the Yum Brands company, dominates more than 15% of the pizza market. Pizza Hut, which has close to 15,000 franchises worldwide, added nearly 400 new franchises last year.


Subway was marked as the topmost overall franchise in 2010 by the website Ever since its inception, this popular fast food chain has spread into multiple locations across the U.S. It is very popular among small towns that do not have many other fast food franchises to compete against. One can own a SUBWAY franchise for an initial cost which can be as low as $84,000.


Jazzercise is a very popular name in the fitness industry, and it makes getting fit fun. Being in business for 50 years ever since its foundation stone was laid in 1969, this fitness franchise boasts of over 5,000 trained instructors all across its outlets. Unlike other conventional fitness-related brands, Jazzercise offers its franchisees with the comfortability of running their own business from home. Requiring a $0 net worth and liquidity making it a viable option for newcomers in the ring of small business. With a low franchise fee of only $500 to $1,000 and total investment of about $3000, this company offers a low risk opportunity for amateur investors.

These are the best franchises to own if you are looking for business opportunities in NJ, Texas, Florida, Illinois, NY and in any other part of the USA. As you can see, PuffCity offers affordable cheap franchise opportunities along with high returns. This makes PuffCity the franchise to own in 2020. With a PuffCity franchise, you can be sure to kickstart your promising entrepreneurial journey.

This list of best franchises to own provides you with the exact and trustworthy data and information. We hope that our list of the best franchises to own will help you take an informed decision.