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Do You Need A License To Open A Cigar Shop?


Yes, you have to apply and obtain a license to open a cigar shop. Whether you open a single shop or planning to open multiple stores at various locations, you should have a license for each shop or you may have a license for multiple stores.

Who Provides License?

Entire tobacco products sale is regulated by the Federal Governments Food and Drug Administration. FDA regulates all tobacco products including cigars. If you want to sell these products, you should comply with all applicable federal laws and terms for retailers.

Rules for Cigar Sales by FDA?

  • Check photo ID of everyone under age 27 who attempts to buy cigars.
  • Don’t Sell cigars to customers below 18.
  • Don’t sell cigars in vending machines unless in an adult-only facility.
  • Don’t give away free samples of cigars to customers.
  • Don’t sell or distribute cigars without any health warning statement displaying on the package.
  • Don’t display advertisement for cigars without displaying the health warning statement.

If you individually sell cigars and not in a product package, you have to post a sign with 6 required warning statements within 3 inches of every cash register.

State & Local License Requirement For Opening A Cigar Business

You may need certain state permits and license to operate a cigar shop business in your location. These could be the small businesses that need a combination of licenses and permits from both agencies, Federal and State & Local License. Remember the requirements and fees vary depending on the business activities, location and rules under government. For information about the local licenses and permits, visit your city, town or county clerk’s office.

How To Apply For A License To Open A Cigar Shop

You simply need to reach the corporate office and have to submit an application by providing the proper information.

If You Fail To Obtain The Necessary Permits & Licenses

If you fail to acquire the necessary permits and license, the situation will end up with hefty fines or even your business get shut down.

Renew Your License

Your license should be renewed after every 12 months. If you fail to renew the license on time, it will be expired or you have to pay reinstatement fees.

Note: Always remember to keep your license in a proper manner visible to the consumers who visit your store.

License To Open Cigar Shop Franchise

You have to follow all the rules mentioned above to open a cigar shop franchise. As the franchisor take the responsibility of entire activities related to opening a cigar shop, you need not worry about the license and other permission.

At Puff City, we can help you open a cigar shop providing full support from choosing the location to getting the license, from product inventory to marketing efforts and much more to improve your revenue.