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Is It OK To Vape Expired Juice?


Yes, you can vape e-juice even if it is expired, but you might not experience the same flavor or taste. It will taste a flavor that is dull with weaker throat hit. When it is expired, it does not give you an enjoyable experience.

The e-juices have the expiry date of approx 2 years and once it has expired, you will not be able to taste the same as it was initially. When you search for vape stores near me to buy e-juice, it is advisable to check the expiry date before buying your choice e-juice.

In case you have owned the e-juice, here is important information for you.

See The Expiry Date

Almost all beverages or eatables come with the date stamped right on this that means the product will not remain fresh after that specific time. The same rule applies to the e-juices. You can find when you should stop to use the e-juice.

Are The Old E-Juice Harmful?

No, it is neither that dangerous nor bad for your health, but the producers do simply not recommend it. This is because you will find a change in its taste. Remember, the users choose vape or e-juices to fulfill their addiction to nicotine. In case you use the expired vape, this will not give the real taste as the nicotine might fade away.

Can E-Juice Expired Before The Expiry Date?

The e-juice can stay fresh for a longer time if you keep it correctly leaving it out of direct sunlight or extreme temperature.

What Happens When E-Juice Gets Expired?

When the e-juices gets expired, many things happen to this such as:

  • The most important thing is a change in its taste that fades away slowly
  • Its smell will also fade away and becomes bad
  • Look at its color, the e-liquid color might change
  • In addition to this, the bottle will become slightly tinted.

No one wants to stock expired e-liquid, but don’t worry about it. Simply check and throw it away. Store it at the cool place or in the ideal temperature. Make sure, you are aware of keeping it secure and safe. Make sure to consult with your local vape shop Puff City about how you can keep it fresh for a longer time. If you have any other question feel free to contact us anytime.