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Should You Open a Franchise?


Are you thinking about investing in a franchise? If it’s the first time for you, there’s a good chance you’re feeling a little trepidatious. After all, becoming a new business owner is a big step for most people. There are both new responsibilities as well as major possibilities that come with it. How do you know if you should open a franchise? Determining if you’re ready for this big step is part one of many, after all. Let’s talk about how to answer this question in a way that feels right for you.

Do a Little Soul-Searching

We’re not talking about checking your horoscope for your luck in new business ventures this month, Pisces. Really, this is just meant to help you figure out if you’d thrive under a franchise model of entrepreneurship. Franchises have some rules that you’ll need to follow to be successful, meaning that you won’t have absolute freedom in the direction you take your business. It also means, however, that you’re not completely on your own and up to a creek if you run into speed bumps. As long as you’re okay with working inside an existing framework, you could be a good franchisee.

Do the Math

While franchises are an excellent way to start a business with a bit less cash in the bank, they’re certainly not free. There are generally upfront costs that can’t be avoided, so you’ll have to have a few dollars stashed away for sure. The devil is in the details, so make sure you read up on the fine print of a franchise’s contract. Plenty of companies are upfront and perfectly respectable out there. That can’t be said for each and everyone, though. Since it’s hard to tell which one is which, you’ll simply have to be a bit more vigilant when researching your options.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Have you worked in the industry you’re looking to open up shop in? Some franchisors actually make working in one of their shops a requirement. Many are more flexible on the requirements, but would you want to invest a big chunk of change on a niche you’re totally unfamiliar with? Chances are good that you’re likely only looking at businesses you’re familiar with already, but just in case it could be an interesting idea to pick up even a few shifts in a store in the franchise. Knowing the business from the inside out will end up being a major benefit to you in the long run.


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