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What is the Best Vape Pen Battery?


Vape Pens carry three major parts, oil, battery and cartridge. The battery of a vape pen provides the right amount of power to vaporize oil placed inside the cartridge. So, when you are going to buy a battery, you have to be sure that it should not be too powerful for your vape as your this mistakes can lead to burn out the cartridge and make it unusable.

You may have a pre-filled vape cartridge and you must be looking to use this. There are several different vape products for distinct purposes and unfortunately, no one-size-fits to all. It means there is no ideal battery to be used for every vape pen. You have to choose the one considering your vape pen type, use of the product, etc.

Here is an explanation of our best vape pen batteries so that you can choose the right one.

What Are 510 Threaded Batteries?

510 threaded batteries are commonly used vape pen batteries. These types of batteries are the universal standard thread type and found almost in 90% of vape batteries.

This can be annoying as most companies sell their own batteries at a higher cost, but if you seek to smoke their particular cartridges, you must abide by their rules.

Top Vape Pen Batteries

The vape pens are split into two different categories and here is a list of dab pen cartridges that can be used using pre-filled cartridges:

  • 3 Battery Vapes
  • 710 King Pen Battery
  • Alpine Vape Battery
  • Ape Pen
  • Boltz 280
  • C-vape pen
  • E Pen Battery
  • Fix Vape
  • G Pen Slim
  • Lokey Battery
  • Mini ce3 Kit
  • Ooze
  • Pen Vape battery
  • Ooze Pen
  • Oozelife
  • Pink Vape Pen
  • Purely Vapor
  • The Kind Pen
  • Turbo Vape
  • V Battery
  • V Pen
  • Vape Pen
  • Vape Sweaters

Types Of Vape Pen Batteries

·      Buttonless Stylus Batteries

This is a common cartridge vape pen that regulates the voltage, based on how hard you are able to inhale it and it activates only when you inhale it. This type of batteries can be charged with provided chargers and should be charged slower to avoid the risk of burning it. These are convenient, as the users don’t need to press any button.

·      Vape Pen Batteries With Button

Opposite to buttonless batteries, the button vape pens require you to press the button when you want to vape it. In order to turn on this kind of vapes, you have to press the button for a maximum of 5 times in a row. The same method is applicable to turn off the vape pen.

·      Variable Voltage Vape Pen Batteries

Voltage batteries allow you to control over power and battery functions. The variable voltage batteries work with almost every 510 threaded cartridges because these can change the voltage.

·      Discrete & Concealable Vape Pen Batteries

These types of batteries are most compact and make it easier to take it with you in your bag or pocket. It enables users to stay discreet, even fitting in your hand palm.

Vape pens batteries are never complicated to buy, but they need research to find the best vape pen battery. If you are unable to choose the right one, start looking for the closest vape shop to my location or reach us at Puff City. As we have been serving users from the last many years with high-quality vape products, we can guide you to choose the best vape battery.