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Australia Bans the Importation of Nicotine E-Liquid


The Federal Health Minister Greg Hun punished the department of Heath for working with Australia’s Border Force on a new approach towards e-cigarettes. The importation of vape liquid containing nicotine is going to be banned on July 1st. Anyone caught violating the regulations will be fined $220,000. This is seen as a huge punishment by large groups of Australia. And is being protested.

Though the situation is not seen so grim by some groups because vapers will be able to obtain nicotine e-liquids through a doctor’s prescription. But there is a problem because only a handful of Australian doctors are willing to write nicotine prescriptions under current laws, so we can say in one way that it is impossible to get the nicotine e-liquids. And because of the newer regulations fever, people will be able to get their hands on e-liquids.

New Zealand’s Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA) has shown support to the vapers in Australia;  “AVCA stands with our fellow vapers across the Tasman, as well as organizations such as ATHRA, PPHA, AVA and LVA in denouncing the senseless crackdown by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA),” said the organization’s co-director Nancy Loucas.  

“Smokers in Australia have been denied access to a proven harm reduction tool. At the same time, vapers in Australia have yet again been dealt a potentially fatal blow which will see many of the 300,000 strong vaping communities go back to smoking cigarettes. Alarmingly, people’s human right to choose health is up for sale by those who only see the need to keep collecting the tobacco excise to bolster their coffers. It’s appalling public policy, particularly when we all know cigarettes kill 21,000 Australians a year and are freely available on every corner of Australia without prescription,” she added.

Also Another Kiwi, co-owner of Vapo Australia Ben Pryor stated a supporting message; 

“We understand the rationale to restrict poor quality products, but this blanket ban also hits world-leading products. Our hardware is compliant with GMP medical device standards and our e-liquids are emissions-tested in the United Kingdom.” and he added “We’re now calling on our Minister of Trade, David Parker, to formally raise this issue with his Australian counterpart. After all, our Government is about to legalize and legitimize vaping in New Zealand with a bill currently before Parliament. Maybe our Government can enlighten the Australian Government about this incredibly effective smoking cessation tool and how to get national smoking rates down,” added Pryor, “Sadly, Aussies are being let down badly by this public policy shocker which will only help Big Tobacco.”