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Best Vape Mods Under $100


If you’re a vape lover and always look for a device that is customisable and provides for a better vaping experience as per your liking, then vape mods are surely your thing. With the help of a quality vape mod, you can control each and every part of your vape session from the flavor of the vape juice to the rate of vaporization and even the strength of the vapors. Through this article, we will be telling you about the best vape mods under $100 which you can buy from your nearby vape shop. 

Most Popular Vape Mods Under $100

The high functionality and capabilities of vape mods make people think that they must be extremely expensive pieces of machinery, but in reality it is not so. You can get a number of best vape mods under $100 and still get the most premium vaping experience ever. We know that by now most of you must be thinking what are some of the best vape mods that you can buy for less than $100 in 2020. This is why we have compiled a short list of the best vape mods under $100 along with their features. So let’s dive in and explore the cheapest best quality vape mods of 2020.

Sigelei 150W

The Sigelei 150W is probably the top rated vape mod under $100 in 2020. It offers high power and performance while maintaining the build quality and affordability. This e-cigarette vape mod uses two 18650 batteries to generate the high heating power and strong and dense fumes of vapor. It can generate a maximum power of upto 150W and uses a coil having a resistance of 0.1 ohms or higher and is thus perfectly suited for both RTA and RDA type atomisers. The Sigelei 150W vape mod is your thing is you’re someone who chases huge vape clouds.

Smok X-Cube II

A full featured vape mod device with a sleek and stunning body design, the X-Cube II from Smok is another perfect choice for vape mods under $100. It offers a huge range of power outputs from 6W to 160 W and also impressive temperature control features thus giving you the perfect device for customising the conditions as per your liking. This device comes with an OLED screen as well as a Bluetooth controller for easy customisations on the go. It utilizes two 18650 batteries and is compatible with atomizers having resistance between 0.08 to 3 ohms making it well suited for a vast number of RTAs and RDAs.

Buy Best Vape Mods Under $100

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