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Vape App Was Launched in Response to Apple’s E-Cig Apps Removal


Pax Labs designer of app-controlled vaporization technologies and devices has launched a new app for its cannabis vaporizers in response to Apple removing vaporization-related apps from the App Store. Because of the panic surrounding the US is in linked to EVALI last November Apple Removed all apps that were related to vaping. While the people who already downloaded the apps before the removal can use the apps, it became unavailable for download after the removal for other people.

Most of these apps were informative apps that were intended to give news and to adjust the temperature and other settings on their vaping devices. Pax had already launched an app of course it was removed by Apple.

Subsequently, Pax has launched a desktop app that offers access to device controls, cannabis strain information, and safety features, making it clear that this came in response to the action by Apple. “Built-in response to Apple’s removal of vaporization-related apps from the App Store,” said the firm in a press release.

“We’re thrilled to be able to restore functionality to Apple users,” said Jesse Silver, SVP of Product at PAX Labs. “While we build our devices to work beautifully even without the app, the magic truly happens when you have precision control over things like temperature and dose, not to mention the confidence that comes with this level of information and transparency around what’s in the pod.”

“Because so many of our features are developed through the lens of delivering a predictable, high-quality experience, it was really important to us that all of our customers could access them—regardless of whether they use iPhones or Androids,” added Silver.

This app features the same functionality of the smartphone app, but unfortunately can only be used on a desktop, which means that some of the practical features tied to the previous app are lost. Other companies, such as Canopy Growth Corp.’s Storz & Bickel, have launched similar apps to bypass Apple’s ban.

It is certain that most of these apps were harmless only informative apps that were used by e-cigarette users. The removal of these apps has created a lot of discussions on if this was the right thing to do. Pax and other companies’ app launch and the reactions have shown that this probably was not the right thing to do. The reactions against Apple is growing every day.

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