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Best Smoke Kit Brands You Can Get


Undoubtedly, smoking is no longer a cheap habit, even some people count smoking in their style. There are so many different smoke kit brands and choosing one could be an overwhelming task for you. So, here is a list of best smoke kit brands you can get for yourself.

Top 8 Best Smoke Kit Brands

1.    Kent

Kent is an American brand introduced by the second largest tobacco company. The brand name comes from a former company executive Herbert Kent and claims to be the most demanded cigarette brand. The brand came into notice for being the first most popular filtered cigarette that is known for its excellent taste and top-notch quality filter.

2.    Marlboro

Marlboro is known for its recognizable billboard ads that are typically featuring the cowboy with a cigarette. Marlboro is famous for offering different kind of cigarettes including Marlboro Red and Marlboro Lights. The reason why it is the most preferred choice for men is its excellent burn and tobacco taste.

3.    Nat Sherman

This is a luxury cigarettes brand introduced by the largest tobacco manufacturer, Altria.  However this brand is a famous one, it is a bit difficult to find it in most places. This cigarette brand is notable for being excellent burn, great in taste and impeccably smooth. The best thing about Nat Sherman is it burns for a longer than most other brands.

4.    Davidoff

The Davidoff has the right blend of smoothness and tobacco taste, and they are famous due to their excellent quality. The brand sources its other products such as tobacco from multiple countries.

5.    Dunhill

Dunhill comes in eye-catchy classy packaging and really hard to find brands. Dunhill is another most expensive cigarette after Kent. If you are able to buy this then ensure to buy in bulk and save for the future if you are not patience about it. In addition to this, the cigarettes brand comes in two versions Dunhill and Dunhill International.

6.    Parliament

Parliament is a brand of cigarettes that is among the few smoke kit brands that utilize the recessed paper filter originally conceived as an ad gimmick back where the cigarette did not come with filters. Apart from allowing the smokers to fully enjoy the flavourful taste, it also gives a smooth right amount of kick.

7.    Sobranie

Sobranie is one of the oldest and famous cigarette brands around the world that specializes in premium cigarettes and a variety of other products. They are also considered among the most heavy-hitting cigarettes. These brand cigarettes come in black paper with the gold filter which makes this enough to be famous.

8.    Vogue

Vogue is a smoke kit that is primarily marketed for women perhaps this is the reason why this brand is least recognizable in this list. However the brand is bit light, but they have an enticing flavour which makes this the first choice of the people who look for this flavour. The brand is easily available at a budget-friendly cost.

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