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How To Find Best Franchise Opportunities For Smoke Shops


Are you planning to buy and run a successful franchise for a smoke shop? If yes, here you will go through the steps that can help you in searching the right franchise and give you some opportunities and resources to invest in the suitable one.

Steps To Find Best Franchise Opportunities

Step: 1 Set Your Criteria

First of all, start by developing your own criteria for the franchise. If you ever discuss with anyone, you may have any recommendation about the sort of smoke shop for the franchise you want to run. The aim of this step is to create a list of all characteristics required for an ideal franchise such as:

  • Preferred type of business (smoke shops)
  • Brand name if you are interested
  • Your budget
  • Business size
  • Location
  • Amount of risk you are preparing to take
  • Hours you can work on a regular basis
  • Level of support you want from your franchisor

Step 2: Shortlist The Franchises

Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, move ahead to make a shortlist of actual franchises that you are planning in researching ahead. Here are created resources to find franchise and for this, nothing is best than a spreadsheet. Take the benefit of the columns and rows to add a particular franchise for example:

Franchise Name Industry Startup Cost Risk Level Support Provided Hours To Spend


You can customize it as per your requirements and add more columns and rows to decide which is important to you. Capture all information and make sure to compare them all before choosing the right one.

Step 3: Use Online Resources

The online resources can be beneficial in two ways. first, if you want to find the franchises go online and second is when you have searched and created the list, you can explore the online franchise directories that can give you an overview of what you have shortlisted are ideal or not.

Well, you can either look at the overall ranking or search by industry, low cost, fastest growing or whatever you prefer.

Step 4: Take Help Of Local Consultants & Brokers

Another step to find the franchise opportunity for the smoke shop is your local consultants and brokers. A franchise is available regularly in many locations so you can find the one that is happening to be near you. Some franchise also provides training, seminars and opportunity as well.

Step 5: Compare & Refine

By following the details you will be easy to shortlist at least ten franchises possible although you will end up with many more. This is the last step where you will learn from all. Sort through the mass of franchises you have searched. Here, your goal should be to reduce overall shortlist.

To lower your headache, you can reach us at PuffCity as we have been working for the last 10 years and continue to grow to achieve our target of opening hundreds of Tobacco companies and smoke shops across the US.

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