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Which One Is the Best Tobacco Shop Franchise?


When it comes to choosing one of the best Tobacco shop franchise, you will have several options but, to take a wise decision you have to choose which turns out to be beneficial in the term of brand awareness and maximum profit. There is no denying that the statistics for the demand for smoke shops is vital and every franchise is best in its way to serving clients.

If you follow the recommendations, Puff City is best for you because it is highly recommended. Still, in making your decision right you must analyze your needs. Are your needs fulfilled by Puff City? Take a look

What You Look For From The Tobacco Shop Franchise?

  • Brand recognition and credibility
  • Proven business concept
  • Store layout and signage
  • Protected area
  • Training & support
  • The purchasing power of a larger entity
  • Easier for your customers to find you

Being a larger Tobacco Shop Franchise you will be able to grab all these benefits with the Puff City.

Puff City

Puff City runs a wide market where experts and new start-ups to vaping are given several opportunities. We are the one-stop solutions for a variety of smokers interested in a vape, flavoured hookah, electronic cigarettes and other tobacco and non-tobacco items. Thus, here you have the opportunity to keep up with new styles and trends of changing industry. In a nutshell, we have created a business model that is proudly satisfying a wide variety of smokers.

Become Franchisor & Get Ready For

We, at Puff City, are a partner with premium, American made e-liquid brands to bring a comprehensive range of various e-juice on the market. The stores provide you with a wide variety of eJuices and other products including:

  • Cigars
  • Cigarettes
  • Hookahs
  • Vapes
  • Accessories


  • A one-stop source for all your tobacco and smoking needs
  • Specialize in placing special orders for your customers
  • Consistency of products
  • Serve highest quality vape & vape juices
  • One person operation
  • Learn and establish
  • Low start-up and operating cost
  • High profit

Our Track Record Of Success

  • US brick-and-mortar vape shops generate more than $300,000 non-online sales per store annually.
  • Sales of e-liquids account about 60% of store revenues.
  • Fruit & dessert flavours were top-selling ranked e-liquids.
  • 43 % of per cent of brick-and-mortar vape shops sell online.

With Puff City, the franchisees will have access to ready-to-made marketing products. Additionally, the franchisees can take benefit from professionally executed marketing strategies. The best thing is, no experience is required from you.

We are here with the goal to open the hundreds of stores all across the world and one could be you. We are just one call away. Contact us today at Puff City.

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