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Vape Franchise Opportunities In The US: The Highest Level Of Growth


The advancement of technology brought smokers to experience something different that is called vaping. From the day when modern e-cigarette was designed to date, the trend is caught up worldwide and interest in vaping is continued to grow. The increase in the number of e-cigarette users is a strong sign of growth in vape franchise opportunities amongst the entrepreneurs.

Reasons Why The Sector Is Growing At The Highest Level

·      Millions Of  e-Cigarette Users

You may be shocked to know that there is 9 million e-cigarette user are surveyed in the United States and it is approximately 43.2% of vapers worldwide. This also indicates that more than 35 million users of an e-cigarette are available worldwide and the forecast predicts of vapers is 55 million in 2021.

·      Billion Dollars In This Industry

Another estimated predict is that the vaping industry can achieve 5.5 billion dollars in sales in the upcoming years. The vaping market is growing faster undoubtedly, it is because every day, several new products have taken place in the market that increases in the standard of vaping.

·      Most Profitable Market

As compared to the past decade, people’s interest in vaping has increased exponentially and  it has several other  reasons such as:

  • People have become health conscious this is why they are moving to vape from smoking.
  • Smoking is a ban in some countries and reinforcement of tobacco laws has made the e-cigarettes a healthy alternative with several interesting benefits.
  • To date, the vaping market has been proven to be highly profitable because it has not only provided the e-cigarettes beneficial for health but technology is here playing a big role in the vaping industry.
  • As this market is relatively new, there are chances for ongoing improvement and vaping franchisor will continue to pay for upgraded products.

·      A Great Opportunity For Entrepreneurs

Remember “as long as there are people addicted to smoking, there will be some people who want to stop smoking somehow”. The reality is the vaping business continues to gain profit by providing an alternative to smoking. As a result, e-cigarettes have become a profitable business sector for start-ups. Thus, there are millions of vape shops are expected to open in the next few years. In this industry, there is always a room to increase profitability like an e-commerce site to sell products online.

So, if you are interested in opening a vaping business, let us help you to open a franchise for vaping business. We no need of any experience from you, as a part of franchise package you will receive several benefits with us. So, feel free to contact us at Puff City for a new franchise opportunity in America’s fastest growing sector.