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Do You Need A License To Open A Smoke Shop?


Are you planning to own a smoke shop?  Do you need a licence to own a vape shop? If yes, you have landed at the right place. At Puff City, we help our clients to obtain the license to open a smoke shop.

The tobacco industry is growing rapidly and heavily regulated, so if anyone plans to sell, manufacturing or importing tobacco or tobacco products, he/she must consider licensing the tobacco products.

Who Provide Tobacco License?

Generally, tobacco license is issued by the local, state or federal authorities considering the business location and nature of activity related to tobacco.

Retail Tobacco Licenses

Retail Tobacco License is a legal document that is issued by the state department that signifies a business is legally allowed to sell tobacco and relevant products in accordance with state law from a specific location to the customers who are allowed to utilize them.

Every retailer who wanted to start a smoke shop or already existing in this business should have retail cigarette or tobacco license and remember to renew it after a specific period. The new to this business people should submit the applications with a one-time license fee that vary depending on the state law.

A cigarette or tobacco retailer is the person who sells cigarette, tobacco or smoke products directly to the customers at the specific locations. The products vary, limited or available in a wide variety.

Remember, no one is allowed to open a shop without a valid licence to sell cigarette, vape and tobacco products.

Different Retail Locations Licence

If you are operating a smoke shop in different locations then consider obtaining a license for each retail location. Don’t assume that using one license you can operate your smoke shops at several other locations although you may submit a single application to open a smoke shop for multiple locations.

Renew Your License

Most of the licenses are renewed annually. In case you fail to renew it on time and your license gets expired, you have to pay a reinstatement fee as a precondition for reinstatement.

What Are The Responsibilities Of License Holder

  • It is necessary to display the license in a proper manner visible to the customer who comes to dealing with you.
  • Make sure to keep complete and legible purchase invoices for all kind of tobacco products for 4 years.
  • Place these invoices at the location where it indicates on your licence for the first year after buying.
  • Allow board staff or law enforcement agencies to track your invoices upon your request.

In addition to this, the law also adds record considering the requirement and other provisions related to your purchase.

Applying For Tobacco Permit

Reach the corporate office and submit an application

What If I Fail To Obtain Smoke Shop License?

Then, we are here for you. It’s up to you whether you come to us on a primary basis or after getting failure in obtaining a license to open a smoke shop, we are here to help you. Feel free to reach us at Puffcity and consult your requirements.