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How Much Can You Make Owning A Vape Shop?


The answer to this question depends on several factors. Most probably, it varies considerably depending upon where you are, as the lease is one of the important factors in your overall budget.

A large number of consumers are found using electronic cigarettes rather than traditional cigarettes. This unique and healthy habit makes people interested in the vape industry. So, one thing is sure that owning a vape shop will be beneficial where customers and franchise can enjoy a lot of benefits.

What Costs Are Involved In Owning A Vape Shop?

You can own a vape shop with a fairly low amount of cost. An estimated cost could be $25,000 for the start and up to $50,000 for a large one. The following items are included in your budget:

  • What comes on first is your source of cost whether you choose bank loan, or borrowing money from your friends or relatives. Borrowing means work hard to repay on time.
  • Lease – A commercial lease can vary in the industrial areas or certain areas of any country.
  • Insurance, taxes, permits and licensing are some of the important expenses.
  • Your inventory that includes starter kits, mods, e-liquids, parts and more from primary to all other products.
  • In case you consider for franchising, your budget may go up to $10,000 to $20,000 in franchising fee.
  • If you are planning to hire the employees, then don’t forget to include the payroll. But, hiring professionals with retail experience can be beneficial to you.

Cost To Open A Cart

Opening a cart can be much less expensive than opening a retail vape shop. If you have permission from your city to open a cart the startup, it includes at least $25,000.

Cost To Open A Retail Store

The cost of opening a retail store can be higher as you have to secure a year-long lease. Its estimated start-up cost includes $50,000 to $100,000. A few years ago, owning a store was sure to grow your business, but now there are more than thousands of retail stores, so you have to compete with business rivals which also include six months of operating expenses to be on a safe side.

Increase Or Decrease In Inventory

You may further like to modify your numbers of accessories based on the situation.   Depending on the number of vape shops in your location, you may probably want to increase or decrease your inventory. For example, if there is no other vape shop around you, you may want to run your shop with fewer inventories while having competitors will make you carry a significant increase in the products. This will also impact your budget.

In a nutshell, you can simply visit us at Puff City as we can help in owning a vape shop considering your budget. We ensure that you will surely get a beneficial deal with us.