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How Do Vape Pens Work?


Vape is long, thin and stylized tubes that mostly looks like fancy pens. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and features. You can shop for the tiny and discreet ones that suit your needs. Some people choose vape for health reasons, while others think, vaping is more enjoyable than smoking, it comes in several flavors and does not deliver smoke in your lungs. Thus, due to various benefits, vaping is popular among cannabis users.

How Vape Pen Works?

Vape pens consist of several parts that all work together to make you enjoy vaping. Generally, a vape pen works by delivering power to the heating chamber. This will then heat the cannabinoids like psychoactive THS until it starts to produce vapor that vapor is inhaled by the users.

How Vape Pen Components Works?

·      The Tank:

Your vape pen will either has a tank if it is refillable or a cartridge if it is single eCig. The tank is made of polycarbonate plastic, stainless steel or glass that holds oil or e-liquid. Most people choose the plastic or glass featured vape pen as this makes you easy to see the remaining quality of liquid available there.

·      Atomizer

The atomizer is a little heater in a vape pen, which is also known as the cartomizers and clearomizers. This tiny size-heating element converts liquid to airborne droplets, which you inhale.

·      Sensors

Some vape pens turn on automatically when you start to inhales it. On the other hand, some vape pen contains the push button to get started the heating elements. These both ways you need sensors to determine when the user is inhaling. It has embedded software that controls pen parts.

·      The Battery

To deliver the little heater, your vape pen contains batteries that reach 400 degrees in a few seconds. Just like your smartphones, the vape pens have rechargeable lithium ion batteries with high energy density. Moreover, there are rare chances of exploding if it is charged improperly.

·      Charger

As there is a battery, the need of charger will surely be there. The charger tends to the end of your vape pen and mostly the charger has the indicator that notifies when your vape pen is fully charged and ready to use. USB chargers, wall chargers and all others come with the vape pen and it is as necessary as your phone charger.

All these components work together to create a cannabinoid-rich puff of smoke.

Ready To Get Vape Pen?

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