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How Long Does Vape Juice Last?


In short, the answer to the question is 2 years. Vape juice can last up to 2 years only if it is stored correctly. This question can be divided into two parts. People often search for the vape stores near me, visit and ask the shopkeeper how long does vape juice last. However, this question has two meaning to understand whether you are asking the expiry date of the bottle or how long it will last once it is opened. To understand this, here is given proper details:

A Vape Juice Have An Expiry Date

Yes, vape juice has set expiry date. The life of any vape juice depends on the kind of ingredients it contains. When you buy the e juices, you can check its expiry date before buying to ensure it is usable. Because the vape juice carries the series of food-based ingredients that can expire and this can also lead to expire your vape juice.

Signs That You Should Not Use E-Juice

  • If you have opened the vape juice and you notice the smell of vape juice is changed.
  • In case, the thickness or density of the liquid is changed as compared to the average vape juice.
  • The colour of your e juices is massively changed as compared to other  e-juices

What Makes Your Vape Juice Expire Earlier?

The vape juice has to be placed stored in the cool or normal temperature in dark places when it is exposed to light or extreme heat, it can turn to expire. The heat affects the food and other material inside it that can turn to become non-usable

How To Store Vape Juice

The way you store the vape juice can help you prevent earlier damage of e juice. So, follow the below tips:

  • Store them in a cool and darker place
  • Ensure they are not exposed to liquids
  • Ensure they remain adequately sealed

How Long Does Vape Juice Last Once Opened?

Whether it is opened or sealed, it can last for two years from the date of manufacturing.  As long as you follow the proper tips as mentioned above to store it, there will be no change in its flavor or color.  You can keep on enjoying the e juices for longer time.

What If I Use Expired E-Liquid?

It can be too risky to use an expired e juice. After crossing the expiry date it will turn to

  • Loss flavor
  • Loss nicotine
  • Get discolored
  • Loss flavor
  • And other changes

Overall, it will not be worth to use. A big reason for not using the expired e-juice is its purpose of using. Most of the people choose e-juice to quit smoking and once it is expired, not be able to give you the same taste. In addition to this, it can deliver health effects to the users.

So, if you have any question, search for Vape shops near me and arrange a visit to discuss with the storeowner.  Feel free to call us for any query any time.