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How Long Does Tobacco Stay in Your System?


To be very frank, it takes minimum three days for tobacco to leave your body or system. Tobacco contains nicotine and there is another test for another compound – cotinine which is formed after nicotine gets to enter in your body, can stay in your body for more than three weeks or longer time.

Several types of test are used to determine whether tobacco (nicotine) or cotinine is available in your system or not. There is another definition when tobacco gets to enter in your body, it breaks down in 20 different substances including nor nicotine, anabasine and cotinine.

What Determine the Tobacco Influence in Your System?

  • Age: The older you are the longer it will take your system to remove the tobacco substances in your body.
  • Hormones: Sex hormones play a big role in tobacco removal from your system. It especially applies to pregnant women who are taking estrogen, may metabolize tobacco or nicotine quickly than men.
  • Liver Function: Depending on the liver enzymes, distinct people may metabolize tobacco at different rates.
  • Meal: Food affects tobacco availability in your body. Some kind of meals can reduce nicotine concentrations in tobacco users.

Tests for Tobacco

Here are described the four tests to check tobacco in your system

  • Unire Test is common to check if it is absorbed into your bloodstream
  • Saliva Test is less common that is used to detect nicotine over a longer period.
  • Hair Test is a highly accurate and expensive test that can detect tobacco substances one to three months after you have stopped smoking.
  • Blood Test is a very rare and extremely accurate test.

Can I Do Tobacco Test on My Own?

Yes, buy the nicotine test kits to use at your home. However, for the accurate test, it is advisable to consult with physicians.

Why You Want to Clear the Tobacco Test

There are multiple reasons behind it such as you want to quit the tobacco, pass the medical test and many others.

What is the Fastest Way to Remove the Tobacco from Your System?

    • Drink Water: The more you drink the water; the more nicotine will be released from your body through the urine.
    • Exercise: Work out or exercises increase the metabolism rate of your body that helps to burn up your tobacco faster. Let your body sweat unlimited.
    • Food Enriched with Antioxidants: antioxidants in your body helps to boost the metabolism rate in your body especially carrots and oranges. These foods carry compounds likes fibre which leads to toxin removal.