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What Business to Start With 100k


What Business to Start With 100k

Do you have an extra amount of money that you can spare for a few years? If yes, then you should always look for some easy ways to invest that money into something which will make its value increase over time. And the best way to invest your money is to start your own business with it. This will give you a steady source of income and your money will earn for itself. Also, you’ll have a place where you will be the boss and can take all kinds of important decisions. You don’t need to have a lot of money in order to start your business. You can do so with an amount as low as $100,000. So, what business to start with 100k that will give the best returns and profits? Today we are going to answer this question for you.

Starting your own business requires courage and determination. You should not fear if your business doesn’t get the initial boost. However, even before you start thinking what business to start with 100k you should carefully monitor the market requirements and analyze all the parameters of the business. Here are the best ideas for what business to start with 100k.

Invest in a Puffcity Franchise

Getting your own business place by investing in a PuffCity franchise is the best answer to what business to start with 100k. You need very less capital to buy the franchise and will get huge returns because of the brand popularity and public outreach. Also you don’t need to worry about setting up your business as you are already getting a widely recognizable brand name for your business. You will be able to recover your Investments in no time and begin making profits. 

Start a car wash business

Starting your own car wash is a profitable business in the US. People love their cars and are always willing to pay to get their valuable cars cleaned and shined. It takes very less amount of capital and generates revenue on all days of the week. Location of the car wash business is very important. Choose a location near a bar or restaurant or near gas stations where a lot of cars come on a regular basis. 

What Business to Start With 100k | Operate a daycare

If you are good with children and like playing and looking after them, then you can make money through your interests. You can start a daycare for children where the busy parents can leave their children while they are out working or doing some chores. All you need is a spare room with adequate furniture and toys and you are good to go. 

Start an Event Organizing Business

In today’s party culture in the US, events are taking place every day and people want their events to be beautiful and flawless. If you are good at getting things done and adding a creative touch to everything, then this can be a business opportunity for you. You can start with very little money by advertising your services through social media platforms. You can easily turn it into a professional business with the right amount of dedication and hardwork.

These are some of the what business to start with 100k. Following this, you can also start your own business with just 100k and watch it expand into a multi-million dollar empire. All it needs is proper management, hardwork and dedication. Operating a franchise business is our best pick for what business to start with 100k.


In this global world which is constantly evolving to suitor the needs of an ever growing population and the evolving lifestyles, opening your own business can be an extremely profitable employment plan for you. In a recent survey done on persons employed in the corporate arena, 3 out of 5 persons said that they would like to quit their existing job and start their own business place where they can be their own boss. Do you also want to get a business place of your own to be independent and become your own boss, then there’s some good news for you. The financial and business experts at PuffCity have brought to you this article to inform you what business to start with 100k.

A lot of people want to start their own business but don’t have a lot of money and are left wondering what business to start with 100k. Sometimes it may also happen that they are afraid of the fact that their business venture might fail and therefore they constantly ask other people’s advice on the same question. Through today’s article, we will give you a list of what business to start with 100k. Here are a few ideas that you can follow for a setting up a successful business:

Buy a PuffCity Franchise

If you want to open a new business place, but are skeptical of the outcome of your new business, then buying a PuffCity franchise is the best answer to what business to start with 100k. You can buy a PuffCity franchise for $110,000 and get the legal rights to use our brand name and operational and marketing strategies for your own business. An all in one smoke shop, PuffCity offers all kinds of smoking and vaping products and accessories under one roof. By buying a PuffCity franchise, you also become eligible to get start-up support, business location analysis and employee training as the added benefits. Come grow with us as we expand to every major city across the United States.

Open a Skilled Trade Business

If you have some experience in the field of a skilled trade like electrician, machinist, plumber, welder, pipe layer, HVAC technician etc, then you can turn this into a profitable business opportunity for yourself. According to sources, more than 30 million skilled tradesmen will be required in the US by the end of 2020. By spending somewhere in the vicinity of $90k-$100k for inventory, location, licences and equipment, you can open your own skilled trade business and watch it grow as the demand of your services grow with the growing population.

Start a Senior Care Centre

If you love to look after other people and take good care of them, then you can open up a senior care centre and get a chance to turn your passion into a business opportunity. It is estimated that the senior population in the USA will reach upwards of 50 million by the year 2020. This means you will have a very big market to serve. By spending your $100k in setting up a senior care centre and advertising it in the right way, you can get huge profits and investment returns.

These were some of the ideas for your question of what business to start with $100k. By following these simple business ideas, you can turn your low cost business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Contact us for more details and business advices.