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What is a Franchise Owner


What Is A Franchise Owner

Franchising is a term that is growing extremely popular in the world of business and economic development. A majority of economic success of today’s global world can be attributed to franchising which covers almost 60% of all global businesses.

The vast history of success through franchising makes it the most coveted business venture all around the world. If you too wish to have a fairly successful business place without having to go through the risk and hard-work of starting a new business from scratch, then you can do so by becoming a franchise owner. Today we will be talking about what is a franchise owner and what you have to do in order to become one.

The question of what is a franchise owner is something that people always ask. A franchising system has two separate entities – one which owns a successful business brand and gives out legal rights to other small entrepreneurs to set up their businesses using the brand and name of their business that is also known as a franchisor, and the other that buys the rights and sets up the new business place known as a franchisee or a franchise owner.

Do you want to know more about what is a franchise owner? Let’s explore more about what is a franchise owner and what does it take to become one.

What is A Franchise Owner Supposed To Do

As discussed earlier, the franchise owner sets up a business using the legal branding and operational strategy of a well established business. 

The biggest responsibility of the franchise owner is that they are required to maintain the quality and service standards established by the franchisor. In addition to following the business model that the franchisor has already created for them, a franchise owner also has to perform the following duties:

  • Serve the Customers

A franchise owner has to deal with many customers regularly. This customer-business interaction involves addressing and resolving customer complaints and providing services. The franchise owner needs to have the patience and personality needed to deal with all sorts of customers and ensuring that they receive high quality services.

  • Follow the Guidelines Set by Franchisor

The franchise owner has to follow the business guidelines set up by the franchisor which include pricing, hours of operation, acceptable signage, employee uniforms and even accounting procedures. They also have to be accountable to the franchisor staff members that may make periodic visits to the franchisee’s business to evaluate the operations. As a franchise owner, you need to accept the fact that there is a bigger “boss” sitting in a higher position than you.

  • Employee Training

The franchise owner has to ensure that all their employees spend ample amount of hours in the franchisor’s staff training programs. This will get them ready to follow all the franchisor’s guidelines.

  • Calculate Royalties and Give the Franchise Fee

The franchise owner is also responsible of maintaining a perfect record of all the sales made and royalty generated. They also need to pay the legally agreed sum of franchise fee and other finances to the franchisor on a timely basis.

What Is A Franchise Owner

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