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What Franchise Makes The Most Money


What franchise makes the most money

Whenever one thinks of investing in a franchise for a business plan, the first thing that comes to mind is what franchise makes the most money. After all, it is the returning money for which you are investing your savings in the franchise and knowing the present scenarios of the franchise can help in taking good decisions. 

When people think what franchise makes the most money, they generally think in terms of revenue generated which should be avoided. The deciding factor in the success rate of a franchise is the amount of returns that it gives i.e. the profits made by the franchise which is the total revenue generated minus the running costs. The profit margin of the franchises is the real money making point for you.

Though the profit generated by a franchise can go up and down year over year, there are a few franchises who consistently manage to make more money than others and stay on top. We are breaking out our rankings according to which franchise makes the most money consistently at different levels of investment.

Franchises are turning out to be the best contributors to the US economy. The franchising sector creates job opportunities for as much as 13.2 million people and gives an output of $1.6 trillion dollars which is equivalent to about 5.8 percent of the United States’ GDP. The states of Texas, California, Illinois, Florida and Ohio have most number of people that are employed in the franchising sector and make a healthy living out of it.

The reason behind this growing popularity for franchises is very simple. The people opting for franchises get a brand name and a tested business operational method for their own business. This would mean that they no longer need to invest too much time and money in advertising and building up a brand value. There would also be no need to worry for a business strategy it will be provided by the franchisor itself. The franchisor will also get to expand their business to new locations and this build a wider consumer base. So this is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. 

What franchise makes the most money

According to recent surveys and research, there are about 3,383 different franchise brands that operate in the US and they are growing at a massive rate of 300 brands per year. This gigantic number of franchises is the reason behind the fact that on an estimate, 1 out of every 6 businesses in the USA is a franchise. However, it will be utterly false and nonsensical to say that every franchise opportunity provides you with equal profits. So it is very important to know what franchise makes the most money before going further and buying a franchise from any franchisor. You should always do proper research before investing in anything.

That being said, there are numerous franchising opportunities up for grabs that offer a huge consumer base and gigantic profits. In case you wish to know more about them, here is the list of franchise that make the most money at the different investment levels.

High Level Investment Franchise: More than $500,000


McDonald’s is unarguably the most recognizable and diverse fast food restaurant globally. They sell taste appealing fast foods like hamburgers, fries, shakes, and more. It requires initial franchise investments of $1,008,000 – $2,214,000. Though the franchise fee is very high, the brand outlook and recognizability is also very high – which plays a major positive role in opening of a franchise business. It has one of the most successful business models and gives its investors a great chance to multiply their investments.

Medium Level Investment Franchise: Between $150,000 and $500,000


7-Eleven is a chain of convenience stores having its presence internationally. It requires an average initial investment of $37,550 – $1,149,900. 7-Eleven has its locations stationed both inside and outside of the U.S. and has a very high number of franchise locations. It is because of this very reason that the initial investment costs vary from very low to very high. The most important fact is that the brand outlook for this franchise is consistently high and thus is safe and comfortable for investors deciding to buy a 7-Eleven franchise.

Low Level Investment Franchise: Less than $150,000


Puffcity is a chain of smoke shop in the U.S. dealing in all kinds of smoking and vaping accessories and products. With an initial investment of only $110,000 this franchise is quite affordable and very suitable for individuals seeking small investment opportunities. PuffCity has franchise locations spread all across the U.S. and is very popular with the new vaping generation. The brand’s outlook is very high among the millennial vapers and smoke enthusiasts. The low investments and high profitability make PuffCity the best place to invest your money for food returns.

This is our list of which franchise makes the most money. As you can see, the franchises offering quick and everyday life services like food, tobacco, groceries, daily supplies and necessities are the ones that are the most profitable and make the most money. If you have limited money investment then you should not waste any more time and invest into buying a PuffCity franchise. If you want to know more about which franchise makes the most money, then you should contact us right away. We will give you all the information and guidance that you require to start your own franchise business.