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What is the Cheapest Franchise to Open


What is the Cheapest Franchise to Open

A lot of people aspire to become a successful business owner and being their own boss, but they just aren’t sure which place to begin from. If you too have the spirit of an entrepreneur but don’t want to spend too much time to start a new business from the ground up and don’t have a lot of money for investments, then considering investing in low cost franchises is really something that you look for. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to set up in the business ownership sector. So you should know what is the cheapest franchise to open. Low cost franchises give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their business dreams a reality.

The investment costs of some franchises can be quite expensive, but others have a more affordable investment costs. Are you too looking for low cost franchise investment opportunity opportunities? We are here to tell you what is the cheapest franchise to open.

What is the Cheapest Franchise to Open | What decides the cost of a franchise?

Purchasing a franchise may be a confusing matter so you must always do proper research when choosing a franchise. There are four major cost parameters to consider when purchasing a franchise. These include:

  • Franchise Fee –  Every franchisee requires the buyers to pay a one-time, initial amount of money for buying the franchise rights. This is known as a franchise fee.
  • Initial Investment – The initial investments cover the cost of the materials, labor, and resources you’ll need to start your business. This can be very high if you are opening your own business from scratch. But if you are purchasing a franchise then this initial investment costs reduce greatly.
  • Ongoing Investment – The running costs of the business place are included in this. This is the amount of money you’ll need to run the franchise business on an ongoing basis.
  • Personal Finances – Some franchises set specific limitations as to who can invest in them and require the investor to possess a minimum net worth before being eligible to purchase a franchise. Others franchises have various liquidity requirements.

What is the Cheapest Franchise to Open | What is the cheapest franchise to open?

These factors involved in opening a franchise are very important to look at. They only determine the final cost of the franchise. So what is the cheapest franchise to open? Based on the above factors and considering the brand value and customer base, we can safely say that a PuffCity franchise is the cheapest franchise to open.

PuffCity- Your One Stop Smoke Shop

PuffCity is a one of a kind smoke shop which offers consumers a one stop place to purchase a huge selection of smoking and vaping products like cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, kratom, e cigarettes, e juices, glass, vaporizers, hookahs and other accessories.

PuffCity offers a wide range of smoking products that attract consumers from different age groups and is popular among all sections of the consumers. The creative business standards and processed set it apart from the convenience stores and other smoke shops.

Franchise fee – The franchise fee for PuffCity comes in the low range of $40,000 to $75,000. This is very affordable franchise rate as compared to the brand value.

Total initial investment – The total initial investment including cost of materials, labor, resources and other costs comes to around $150,000 to $175,000. 

Buying a PuffCity franchise means that your business will start evergreen and your store will always be flooded with smoke enthusiasts from all age groups. You can easily make loyal customer base who will always come to you for all their smoking and vaping needs. PuffCity is the answer to what is the cheapest franchise to open. Contact us right now to know more.

What is the Cheapest Franchise

Those aiming to start their own business place are bound to be attracted towards the perks and benefits of buying a franchise. Apart from giving the set up support and promotion, a franchise also gives a lot of benefits in the monetary and brand name. Franchise can be a kind of start-up which can be purchased with an investment fees.

But many people cannot afford to buy a franchise because of the high costs and miss out on the opportunity to become their own boss. Here we have prepared a list of cheapest franchise to open which are easily affordable so that you don’t miss out on the chance to throw your hat in the entrepreneurial ring. 



The all in one smoke shop, PuffCity has created a very big name among smoking and vaping enthusiasts all across U.S. With a wide range of smoking and vaping products and accessories, PuffCity has gained a considerably high base of loyal customers.

A PuffCity franchise can be bought for an initial franchise fee of as low as $15,000 which is quite affordable considering the huge brand name and visibility. Investing in a PuffCity franchise is your best pitch for jumping into the entrepreneurial world. 

HR Block

HR Block is a huge name in the tax preparation sector and has witnessed consistent growth rates in all of its operations worldwide. This franchise option is unique in its 30% higher royalty fee, but it doesn’t require any up-front franchise fee and you can start investing from a modest total investment of $35,000. Some in-house financing is also available for equipment, inventory and payroll.


Marked as the numero uno overall franchise in 2010 by the website, this popular fast food chain has spread into multiple locations across the U.S. This is very popular among small towns that do not have many other fast food franchises to compete against, Subway has adopted an aggressive marketing model and a cheap budget-friendly menu. You can start with an initial costs which can be as low as $84,000.


A very popular name in the fitness industry, Jazzercise makes getting fit fun. It has been around for 50 years ever since it was founded in 1969 and boasts of over 5,000 trained instructors all across its outlets. Unlike other conventional fitness-related brands, Jazzercise offers its franchisees with the comfortability of running their own business from home.

Requiring a $0 net worth and liquidity making it a viable option for newcomers in the ring of small business. With a low franchise fee of only $500 to $1,000 and total investment of about $3000, this company offers a low risk opportunity for amateur investors.

This is our list which seeks to answer your curiosity of cheapest franchise to open. Franchises like PuffCity and Subway are in the field of selling their products to customers instead of their services and thus can make a lot of profit for you as the business will not end all at once. So overall, PuffCity can be said to be the answer when you think of what is the cheapest franchise.

What’s the Cheapest Franchise to Open

If you are looking to open up your own business, then a franchise is the most lucrative and practical option for guaranteed profits. A franchise is the best way to invest your money for getting the highest returns as your business doesn’t need to spend too much time for the initial set up and building of the consumer base. 

You are using the brand name of the franchisor to run your business and serve their already established consumer base. All you’ve got to do is just maintain the high quality and live up to the expectations of the people and your business will see a great boost right from the initial setting up time. But the question comes what’s the cheapest franchise to open which needs to be answered accurately. 


Monetary requirements are indeed very important when investing in a franchise. The franchise owners have to pay an initial franchise fee along with the ongoing fees and the running expenses to be able to use the brand name and brand value of the franchisors. So it becomes very important to know what’s the cheapest franchise to open as many of the aspiring business owners are not able to afford to buy the high costing franchises. 

What’s the Cheapest Franchise to Open

The answer to your question of what’s the cheapest franchise to open is owning a PuffCity Franchise. If you want to start your own business but are short on cash, then you are constantly searching for what’s the cheapest franchise to open then you will be very delighted to know that PuffCity is offering cheap franchise opportunities for you which cost as low as $100,000 to $200,000. This is a very affordable rate for beginners in the entrepreneurship ring with very little amount of money to invest. 

PuffCity is the fastest emerging smoke shop brand in the United States with branches in numerous big cities and prime locations attracting a consumer base of thousands of satisfied loyal customers. PuffCity offers all kinds of smoking and vaping products and accessories for the requirements of the people of all age groups.

From vintage smoking pipes to trending vape pods of new generation, PuffCity has it all. With years of dedicated customer service and hard work, PuffCity has made a big brand name for itself which is highly recognizable by the always returning customers. 

Owning a PuffCity Franchise gives you the opportunity to cater to the needs of vaping and smoking enthusiasts who are always willing to pay the big bucks for the products that they like. With the lowest franchise fees and running costs and high profit margins, PuffCity Franchise comes on the top of the list when you look for what’s the cheapest franchise to open. If you too want to own a PuffCity franchise and become a business owner and your own boss, then PuffCity is the best option for you.

This was our answer to what’s the cheapest franchise to open. If you also want to own a PuffCity franchise, then visit us. You can also contact us at our phone number. Stay tuned with PuffCity blogs for more interesting information.