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What is the Biggest Franchise in the World


What is the biggest franchise in the world

Have you ever thought about owning your own business place and wondered what is the biggest in the world? The size and volume of a franchise speak a lot about their profit making potential and influence. Today, let us deeply explore this topic and let’s find out what is the biggest franchise in the world. Not to anyone’s surprise, the largest franchises in the world are mainly franchises in operating in fast food business.

This speaks a lot about the world’s economic development, which is shifting towards satisfying appetites on the go due to large scale urbanisation. In today’s world, economic growth is accompanied by multiple ways to spend your money through burgers, chips and fried chicken joints. 

Owning a franchise is a lot different than starting your own business. For starters, you don’t need to set up your own business plan, marketing plans and other business aspects and work your way up the ladder. With a franchise, all you need to do is stick adherently to all business plans and operations set up by the franchisor and follow them strictly. This plan is a tested formula for success and thus is 100% foolproof. There may be a few anomalies but on a whole, if you are thinking of instant profits and good return on investment, then buying into a franchise is a better option than starting your own business, up from scratch. 

Franchises that have operations in a lot of countries are definitely more likely to have a better brand recognition and a lot of prospective customers in untapped locations because of their successful marketing campaigns. So, by knowing what is the biggest franchise in the world and investing in them can be a guaranteed way to own a successful business. Let’s have a look at what is the biggest franchise in the world through this list:

What is the biggest franchise in the world


McDonald’s is the largest franchise network in the entire world with an impressive $89 billion in global sales. Founded in 1954, McDonald’s has more than 33,000 outlets worldwide. It has firmly secured its spot every year since 2000 despite the tough global competition. To put its enormous size into context, it is even bigger than KFC, Subway and Burger King all combined. Being at the top of the ladder in the franchise world, McDonalds is the leader in our list of what is the biggest franchise in the world


7-Eleven franchises are among the biggest franchise in the world, bringing in more than $84 billion in global sales thus giving it the second rank in the list of world’s largest franchises. It was founded in 1927 and has more than 55,000 outlets all around the globe. It also takes immense pride in being the world’s largest chain of convenience stores with over 55,000 stores spread in 16 countries with 10,400 stores in North America itself. 7-Eleven is constantly trying its best to expand to new countries with a lot of potential untapped markets and customers. 


KFC has made its name almost synonymous with delicious fried chicken. The world’s cravings for KFC chicken seems to be insatiable and this fast food franchise serves more than 12 million customers on any average day through its 18,800 outlets spread in more than 115 countries all around the globe. The parent company of KFC franchise, Yum! is ranked at number 201 on the Fortune 500 list, with revenue going higher than $13 billion.  KFC has built its legacy and brand name in markets all over the globe.


Founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca, an aspiring medical doctor in search for a way to fund his higher education, Subway has become a very big name in the fast food industry. What started as a place serving submarine sandwiches, Subway has become a brand that is the world’s largest sandwich chain and fourth largest franchise globally. With more than 42,000 outlets worldwide, Subway is expanding to more and more locations at a very rapid pace.


PuffCity is USA’s biggest all in one smoke shop selling all kinds of smoking and vaping accessories. With their stores in multiple locations all across the USA, they are a well recognised brand in the smoking and vaping communities. Furnished from the floor to the ceiling with all kinds of products and accessories that are necessary to satisfy a smoke lover, you can get what you want and desire at any PuffCity joint.

If you are interested in owning your own PuffCity store, then you can have your dreams of having a successful business fulfilled starting at an initial franchise fee of just $110,000. PuffCity is a rapidly growing brand in the franchise market and surely deserves to be in this list of what is the biggest franchise in the world

These were the biggest franchise in the world. We have satisfied your curiosity of what is the biggest franchise in the world. So as you can see, a franchise gives you the opportunity to be associated with a very large company serving the global market.

You can also benefit from their operational formula and franchise support in the form of market research and staff training which will help you in starting your own successful business place. If you want to start at a small scale, then you can buy a PuffCity franchise at very affordable rates and high profit margins. Contact us today to know more.